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Founded in 1985, our company's primary concern is to meet the requirements and needs of its customers.

As of July 1, 2018, our company joined CBI Group in order to strengthen its core business and skills in the fields of trust, taxation, HR and business management.

The sister companies, CBI Insurance Broker, CBI IT Systems and CBI Real Estate will enable us to meet the demand for insurance, IT and real estate consulting.

Olivier Girard and the OGISA team are delighted with this integration, which will enable us to face the future challenges of our business with confidence.

Our services include

Provide you with personalized advice and support in the following services:

  • Fiduciary : (budget, financial planning, salary management, closing, etc.)
  • Taxation :(tax declaration and tax advice for natural and legal persons)
  • Insurance : Portfolio management, interface with brokers or insurance companies, claims management, risk analysis related to your activity.
  • Business management : Daily or occasional management of your invoicing needs, accounts receivable management, creditors, salaries, cash flow.
  • Assistance to the Business Manager : Assistance in strategic thinking, analysis and resolution of complex problems. Our strength, specialists capable of high-level dialogue, independent and neutral interlocutors at the service of the company.
  • Advice : Evaluation of your company, assistance for the purchase, sale or transfer of the company. Strategic partnership research. Planning for early retirement or retirement.
  • IT : We offer modern and practical solutions at lower costs for the global management of your company. Secure access to our remote platform, as well as to the commercial and accounting management software, and/or with the Office environment. Security, time saving, networking of skills. In addition to the connections hosted in its private cloud, Ogisa SA is also a Winbiz reseller.Solution business Winbiz
    If you are working on Crésus, WinEur or other software, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our competences

We have specialists, experienced in supporting business leaders in their financial, strategic and decision-making analysis process.

With a wide and rich experience in managing a company, their in-depth knowledge of the economic fabric of SMEs, as well as their independence, are a real added value for our clients.

Our independence allows for constructive dialogue and debate with the governing bodies of a company.

We also offer access to our network of business relationships in the financial, legal, banking and insurance fields.

We put our resources at your disposal to free up your time and energy to develop your economic and financial potential in the best possible way.

Our specialized and experienced employees will be able to provide you with effective solutions to achieve your objectives.

Our services

  • Fiduciary


  • Insurances


  • Business management

    Assistance to the Business Manager

  • Advice



Avenue de la Gare 38
Case postale 107
1618 Châtel-St-Denis


Tel. +41 21 948 26 50
Fax +41 21 948 26 51

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